Competition Update: So, HHBBQ fans… fo

Competition Update: So, HHBBQ fans… for those of you interested, here is the breakdown of today’s competition…. Overall 13th out of 70 teams, and that is really saying something! We came out ahead of some REALLY tough teams! The difference from our score and a top 10 placement was only 2.4 points! (the difference with 13th and 70th is 100.57 points!) Chicken: 9th place WOOT WOOT! Ribs: 13th place Pork Shoulder: 22nd place (the difference from 22nd to 10th was only 4.2 points!) Beef brisket: 34th (only 8 points from 10th!!!) I told you this was a hard crowd. But, we are really proud of ourselves, we rolled up like big ballers in our big blue food truck and whooped some booty!