Barn Burner BBQ

Here we are, Husky Hog BBQ. This is a bittersweet day, this is our last competition of the 2012 season. This also marks our 1 year anniversary of being KCBS competitors!
This time last year the wind was howling and the rain was falling, continuously in the 42 degree weather. Jose and Joey were struggling with our Weber Bullets, those things did NOT like the windy conditions! After it was all said and done, we came in middle of the pack against some major players on the BBQ scene.
The weather this year is still in the 40’s, but we came prepared. We have our heaters, tents and our trusty Bubba Grill smoker, she is a beast and we love her!
As for the 50 teams here, we are looking directly into those same faces again, with no fear and no shame… We came to win. And win, we shall!




Murphysboro competition

So, here we are in our small motel room in anywhere USA. We have set up our site for the Praise The Lard competition, toured the other 76 team sites and are now heading out for our traditional Mexican dinner.
This is the 25th year of this competition and it is the biggest thing to hit the town besides the annual apple festival all year! This makes me feel extra responsible for doing well, like we are all the entertainment this small town of 1800 inhabitants has. I predict we will make them proud!
Judging will be at 6 pm tomorrow, stay tuned…. I would love to give you big news!!!

Praise the Lard!

Hello HHBBQ lovers!

We are on our way to a very exciting weekend! The Husky Hog BBQ competition team is heading to the annual “Praise the Lard” competition in Murphysboro, Illinois for a 3 day extravaganza! We will be competing against 65 teams! This particular competition often gets spotlighted on TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters show.

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May the pork be with you!